Thursday, 30 October 2014

Metal Music Coin a bitcoin for metal scene

metal music coin
Metal Music Coin was recently created, with its launch date being October 4th, 2014. It is a bitcoin for the underground metal scene. The creator of the Metal Music Coin,  says his reasons for creating the Crypto Currency is to “support underground metal scene by helping bands promote their album releases and other bands merchandise and this coin will be use as an alternative payment method for it or as a crypto currency only for metal.

So essentially the Metal Music Coin was designed to save and bring support to the Metal Music genre by supporting its underground metal bands and underground metal music scene. 

Now you may ask, what exactly is crypto currency? What are its advantages? Where can I get the Metal Music Coin for myself?

Well the Music Metal Coin along with other various Crypto and Virtual Currencies are, wait for it……….FREE!!! That’s right you read that correctly, or heard if you’re using Samsung’s Voice reading app (highly recommended by the way). The currency has to be mined (which is simply the processing of transactions in the digital currency system), but as long as you have a computer’s video card among other mining hardware, the astronomical abundance of underground metal will all be yours for free!

The goal of the Metal Music Coin is not profit, but the promotion of underground metal music and its artists. This desire and passion to spread the music is one that I can rally around and will fervently support and keep track of. The product was only just created within the past month; with the successes its already having you can only predict what heights the Metal Music Coin will rise to and what new, exciting updates and additions this will have for supporting metal music with crypto currency.


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